Who Are We?

One By One is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Founded in 2010, One By One sponsors soccer teams in San Jose, Costa Rica and supports the activities of the Vuelo de Aguila church, whose members train and mentor the teenage players (both boys and girls). 

Our Vision

We aim to make a permanent and positive impact in the lives of teenagers in Costa Rica who have few positive opportunities in their lives, or have problems with crime, drugs or homelessness. 

Our Mission

We have established a soccer league in Costa Rica to give teenagers, who could otherwise not afford it, an opportunity to play soccer, and use the sport as a gateway to learning about personal responsibility, leading a Christian life, and ultimately defining the path they want to choose for themselves, all within a supportive environment under the mentoring of the Vuelo de Aguila church and Pastors William and Anais Padilla.


Latest Update

We recently took our fifth trip to Costa Rica in four years, and were able to witness the continuing progress and impact that the One By One program is having. We not only saw some intriguing soccer games, but were able to observe how players who joined One By One four years ago have evolved into leaders on the field and in the Vuelo de Aguila church. After this trip, we coupled the donations we gathered over several years and a generous loan from Steve and Rebecca Scott to buy a new church for Vuelo de Aguila. Originally, the goal was to buy a soccer field, but as we started to look at fields they were too expensive. The realistic option was to buy a church and the donations from the church will now not only pay the remaining balance of the loan, but will help sustain One By One as a permanent force for change. We will also continue to support One By One and the church.