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Our Mission

A gateway to learning about personal responsibility, leading a Christian life, and ultimately defining the path they want to choose for themselves.


The mission of One By One Costa Rica is to make permanent change in the lives of teens who need more positive opportunities in their lives or have had problems with crime, drugs or homelessness.

The tool that is used to help shape these young men and women is the One By One soccer league. The league is run by Pastor William and Anais Padilla, who are in charge of a string of churches in the San Jose area, and their staff. The Padillas have ministers who are well trained to mentor these teens through the soccer league and the church.

Did you know that most soccer fields
are not accessible for kids in Costa Rica?
Teens in Costa Rica love playing soccer, but cannot afford to play on private/government fields. They can find some places to play, but too many of these areas are riddled with drugs and crime, and are not places where teens find positive influences. The One By One soccer league is a place where these teens can come play soccer for free while experiencing positive influences from the trained ministers who run the league.

This is the vision of One By One and it is the job of the One By One Team here in the United States to provide the league with the financial backing that is necessary to run a soccer league.

Join Us

Getting to know Pastor Padilla

Pastor Padilla - pronounced 'Pa D ah' - lives and ministers in Costa Rica. His ability to assist families there through relational ministry is simple, authentic, and real. He and his family, as well as his church, are making a kingdom difference in the lives of many. One by one.

Please join us in helping resource this mission.

We are helping Pastor "P" introduce teens to Christ using a soccer league as a magnet to attract them.   Through the league, they recieve postive support and are introduced to the Word.  Many have then joined the Vuelo de Aguila churches and have become leaders in these churches.

Soccer is such a major part the culture of Costa Rica. The more kids we can help be involved in the league, the more families Pastor P and and his family and team get to become involved with.

Imagine what would happen if you joined in the mission.

One by one we can make a difference.