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In Their Own Words

In the above video, Amelia Wyatt and Cami Lee talk about their 7th and most recent trip to Costa Rica and the exciting developments with the Vuelo de Aguila church and the soccer program. Read more

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The One by One Story

The One by One Story video tells you about the beginning of One by One and the motivations for starting this life-changing program. Read more

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Our Sixth Trip to Costa Rica

Have you ever had your flight cancelled by an active volcano? We have! It hap- pened just recently on our trip to Costa Rica. Fortunately, we were able to fly a few days later with our family and the Lee family.

The most recent trip to Costa Rica has been a very motivating one. The initial plan with One By One Costa Rica was to raise money to buy a soccer field, which we would rent out to generate a permanent source of funding for the One By One soccer programs. It takes over $15,000 per year to run these programs free of cost to deserving teens. After we looked at some soccer fields, we came to realize that the fields were too expensive. Buying them would not be condu- cive to our goal. We had to change plans.
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Christmas in Davidson Fundraiser

By: Amelia Wyatt

This past December, Cami Lee and I ran a booth for One by One at Christmas in Davidson. Christmas in Davidson is a Christmas celebration and people are allowed to set up booths and sell items to the people who come to Davidson for three nights of events. These events include singing and music, carriage rides and a Christmas parade. Through our booth, we raised donations for One by One and La Escuelita, another organization I am taking part in. La Escuelita runs a pre-school for Hispanic children.

We stocked the booth with sweets like cake pops, cupcakes, marshmallow pops, brownies, and more. We had paper ornaments which Olivia Lee help create, and also had bracelets/hair bows, Costa Rican and Christmas inspired cards, cat toys, Costa Rican knick knacks, and dog toys. All of the items, with the exception of the Costa Rican knick knacks, were home made by either me, Cami, or Olivia (with some help from our moms!). We spent over a month making all these items.
In addition to selling the majority of our items, Christmas in Davidson gave us the opportunity to meet lots of people and spread information about One by One and La Escuelita. It was great seeing so many people walk in and out of our booth, seeing little kids pointing to our booth and running there, but most of all, it was really rewarding to see people get excited about what we are doing.

In total, we raised $2,700.00, half going to One by One and half to La Escuelita. We also received separate donations for One by One of $2,800.00. Thank you to all who donated. It is making a great difference in our effort to spread love and positivity through One by One.

Some people asked me: why is One by One important to you? What makes you work for this cause? It is because of so many reasons. I am inspired by seeing the stands packed with people cheering on the One by One soccer teams, and seeing a child with little hope or future grow and start teaming with love and positivity because of One by One. This organization invokes a change in people and that makes me very happy. I love growing with the other Costa Rican children and learning from all the experiences seasoned into my life from helping; I love meeting new people and making new friends; but mostly, I love giving people opportunity to live a full and abundant life, and am forever grateful I'm in the position to do so.
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The Future of One by One and the Vuelo de Aguila Church

By:  Ben and Daniel Wyatt

One by One Soccer Players
When we started the One by One program, our plan was to provide permanent funding for the program. Because of the large number of soccer players, it takes over $15,000 to run the program each year.  Initially, we discussed with Pastors William and Anais Padilla the idea of raising enough money to buy a soccer field.  The plan was for the soccer field to be rented to other teams, and perhaps to build some buildings that could be used for a church retreat.  Over the past two years, we looked at various pieces of land in the San Jose area that were for sale. In order to make the soccer field accessible to all the players, it needed to be located in the central part of the city.  The land that was available was very expensive (over $1 million) and some of the land needed extensive work.  Although we have been able to raise over $200,000, buying a soccer field was simply out of our reach.

William and Anais Padilla
We prayed about the situation with Pastors William and Anais Padilla, and consulted with Dr. Steve and Rebecca Scott.  Dr. Scott and his wife have been major supporters of our program. After much thought and prayer, we decided to change course.  We began looking for buildings that would be suitable for a permanent home for the Vuelo de Aguila church.   The church has been renting different locations for its services and programs for the last several years. During our last trip to Costa Rica, we found a building that was ideal for the church. This piece of land cost $525,000. On June 27, 2014, we coupled the donations we raised over the last several years with a generous loan from Dr. Steve and Rebecca Scott and were able to purchase this building. The church will use its donations to pay the remaining balance of the loan, and will also use donations to fund the One by One soccer program on a permanent basis. In addition, we will continue to raise funds to help pay off the balance of the loan. Because the church will eventually have a building that will be debt-free, some of its donations can be used for the One by One program, as well as other church programs.

We definitely feel that God has guided us through this project, but not always in ways that we anticipated. We believe that the purchase of the building is the best way to not only support the Vuelo de Aguila church, but to ensure that the One by One  program is a force for permanent and positive change in the lives of teens in Costa Rica.

The church and its members are the people who make the program work, and who provide the weekly guidance and leadership for the players. The church has also hired professional soccer trainers to work with the teens, and to provide an environment for growth, opportunity, and change.  The One by One program is designed to provide an opportunity to teens in Costa Rica who, through their own hard work and effort, use it to better themselves in their community and to learn about Jesus.

We are excited about the future of One by One  and the Vuelo de Aguila church. We are also deeply appreciative of the guidance and leadership of Pastors William and Anais Padilla, as well as the incredible generosity of Dr. Steve and Rebecca Scott.
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Soccer and More!

By:  Amelia Wyatt

While on our most recent trip to Costa Rica, we were able to see several of the One By One soccer games. The crowds were cheering and the grass was as thick as carpet. All around us people were laughing and playing; everyone, including us, was having a great time. By the time the games started, some of the people had come up with cheers for the game. It was so fun to hear people go 'ooh' when the One by One team crossed over the opposing team, or hear them yell 'defense' when we were under attack.

With some my friends, Cami, Isaac, and Daniella, I spent the time watching the soccer match, playing soccer with new friends, talking to people, drinking soda and playing games under the trees. Needless to say, it was fantastic. The vibe of the whole place was as bright as the sun beaming down that day. We spent most of the day at the field, and at some point people gathered and had a huge arm wrestling match. One of the boys challenged me, and I accepted the offer. Though I won't say who won, I will say I was so happy and could not stop smiling by the end.

Sometime after that, all of the players and people enjoyed a feast prepared by the Vuelo de Aguila church.  Several tables were covered by beans and rice, chips and chicken. It smelled quite flavorful, making us all even more hungry. Players first, we all scrambled in line for the food. After we ate, everyone played around until the sun set and the sky turned orange with blue. Overall, it was a fantastic day with fantastic soccer. Laughs were shared, friends were made, and in the end it became one of my favorite memories made.
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One by One Costa Rica June 2014 Update

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Young men with a mission – Ben and Daniel Wyatt

Originally posted on
By Brenda Barger

Last Saturday evening, two very poised and accomplished young men, Daniel and Ben Wyatt hosted a banquet at their family's home on Avinger Lane to thank their many donors. Three short years ago, a family vacation to Costa Rica set the brothers on a new journey, one that would better the lives of teenagers there. Over Hispanic dishes redolent of their time in Costa Rica, Daniel (a senior at Cannon School) and Ben (a tenth grader) shared their vision of One-by-One Costa Rica with more than 40 supporters.

The first girls' team was formed in 2012 in Costa Rica practicing and playing under the mentorship of the Vuelo de Aguila staff.The first girls' team was formed in 2012 in Costa Rica practicing and playing under the mentorship of the Vuelo de Aguila staff.
In August 2010, James and Edna Waytt and their three children embarked for Costa Rica with six large pieces of luggage containing toys and clothes to share through a church in one of the poorest slums near San Jose. They stayed with the Padilla family; William Padilla is the pastor of the Vuelo de Aguila church. He and his wife Anais have five children. Daniel says they were very welcoming and hospitable. Ben was shocked that such a humble little building could be a church.

Pastor Padilla's ability to assist families through his simple personal ministry inspired Daniel and Ben to create a soccer league, One-by-One, for troubled teenagers who might benefit from the church's weekly mentorship program. The partnership with Pastor Padilla works well because his church provides a constant presence. Through One-by-One, Daniel and Ben provide permanent funding for the church to counsel, support and mentor the players to improve their lives.

Mayor John Woods (r) spoke with Ben (l) and Daniel Wyatt about their soccer program in Costa Rica
Mayor John Woods (r) spoke with Ben (l) and Daniel Wyatt about their soccer program in Costa Rica

One-by-One Soccer League now has several teams (both boys and girls) and over 100 regular participants. Eight players (along with Daniel and Ben) were recently baptized, and they are becoming leaders in the Vuelo de Aguila church. The sport has become a gateway to learn about personal responsibility, lead a Christian life, and ultimately define the path these young people choose for themselves. It all happens through the supportive environment of William and Anais Padilla under the auspices of One-by-One Costa Rica.

Daniel and Ben recently completed a campaign for donations and prayers to match and raise $200,000 to purchase a field that will be used by their soccer leagues. The facility will also be used to generate revenue by hosting other events and games. Daniel says they really appreciate everyone's support and they thank especially Mayor John Woods of Davidson, who helped them with fundraising ideas and was the first major donor over a year ago. For additional information, go to Donations can be made online or by contacting Daniel or Ben through the website. Kudos to these teenagers for making a difference in the lives of others.
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Dr. and Mrs. Scott Give Matching Donation of $100,000

By Daniel and Ben Wyatt

We would like to thank Dr and Mrs. Scott not only for their matching donation of $100,000 for One By One Costa Rica, but more importantly, for challenging us to achieve a goal that we never thought was obtainable. Through the process of trying to raise the funds to match Dr and Mrs. Scott's donation, we really developed a vision for the future of One By One and have turned it into a permanent project to help teens in San Jose. This process made us stretch our thinking beyond the day to day running and funding of soccer teams, and we are very grateful to Dr and Mrs. Scott for that. Thank you so much.
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Challenge Grant Success

For the past 14 months, we worked hard to raise $100,000 to match the challenge grant offered by Dr. Steve Scott.  We raised money from many sources and from many generous individuals and businesses.  We held fundraising gatherings; initiated the "100 for 1,000" campaign to get individual donors to give $1,000 or more; participated in the Microsoft Non-Profit Agency Fair; solicited donations by email and mail; held raffles (raffling off Charlotte Bobcats  tickets); set up meetings with business owners and individual donors and made fundraising presentations to them; and sent off donation requests to several foundations.  We found out that some fundraising techniques worked better than others, sometimes receiving generous donations from unexpected places. We are very grateful for all the donations that we have received.

We also really enjoyed getting to know all of the different people we have been able to meet through the fundraising process.  Our donors, through their experiences and accomplishments in life and their generosity towards One By One, have really inspired us. We would especially like to thank Mayor John Woods of Davidson, who helped us with fundraising ideas and was our first 100 for 1,000 donor over a year ago. 

We are extremely excited to announce that we raised $103,030 during the last 14 months and met the terms of our challenge grant.  Our next challenge is to find a suitable piece of land to buy and to use for a soccer field.  We would like to thank all of our donors for partnering with us and making One By One an even more powerful vehicle for positive change in the lives of teens in Costa Rica. 
Thank you so much!

Daniel Wyatt, Ben Wyatt and Alex Lee

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