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Changing Lives

By: Alex

On our most recent trip, eight boys from One by One were baptized in the church. There were many others from the church who were baptized that day as well. The church staff had a large pool set up in the parking lot for the baptisms. It was awesome to see the emotions of those who were baptized because in a sense they were leaving their pasts behind them to start anew.   For some it meant so much that they were visibly shaking when they were taken out of the pool. The baptisms of the boys were very inspiring as they showed us that the project is making substantial differences in lives.

A Spark Of Enthusiasm

By: Ben, Alex, and Daniel

During spring break, the Wyatt and Lee families took their fourth trip to Costa Rica. This trip brought new ideas and a spark of enthusiasm about the future of One By One. Not only were the players in the soccer league playing games while we were down there, but Pastor Padilla also took us to look at different pieces of land that could be used for a soccer field. The purchase of land is an exciting step that the One By One family is taking, and looking for land with Pastor Padilla generated even more enthusiasm for the project.

The future was not the only thought that was on our mind because amazing things were happening during the trip as well. Eight teenagers from the soccer league decided to get baptized in the Vuelo de Aguila Church, alongside the Wyatt and Lee families. This experience is a validation that not only is One By One having an affect on the teens, but that this change is a positive one that will affect them for the rest of their lives.  This trip leaves us grateful for what is being done in the soccer league in the present, and very hopeful about the future of One By One.

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