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Christmas in Davidson Fundraiser

By: Amelia Wyatt
This past December, Cami Lee and I ran a booth for One by One at Christmas in Davidson. Christmas in Davidson is a Christmas celebration and people are allowed to set up booths and sell items to the people who come to Davidson for three nights of events. These events include singing and music, carriage rides and a Christmas parade. Through our booth, we raised donations for One by One and La Escuelita, another organization I am taking part in. La Escuelita runs a pre-school for Hispanic children.

We stocked the booth with sweets like cake pops, cupcakes, marshmallow pops, brownies, and more. We had paper ornaments which Olivia Lee help create, and also had bracelets/hair bows, Costa Rican and Christmas inspired cards, cat toys, Costa Rican knick knacks, and dog toys. All of the items, with the exception of the Costa Rican knick knacks, were home made by either me, Cami, or Olivia (with some help from our moms!). We spent over a month making all these items.
In addition to selling the majority of our items, Christmas in Davidson gave us the opportunity to meet lots of people and spread information about One by One and La Escuelita. It was great seeing so many people walk in and out of our booth, seeing little kids pointing to our booth and running there, but most of all, it was really rewarding to see people get excited about what we are doing.

In total, we raised $2,700.00, half going to One by One and half to La Escuelita. We also received separate donations for One by One of $2,800.00. Thank you to all who donated. It is making a great difference in our effort to spread love and positivity through One by One.

Some people asked me: why is One by One important to you? What makes you work for this cause? It is because of so many reasons. I am inspired by seeing the stands packed with people cheering on the One by One soccer teams, and seeing a child with little hope or future grow and start teaming with love and positivity because of One by One. This organization invokes a change in people and that makes me very happy. I love growing with the other Costa Rican children and learning from all the experiences seasoned into my life from helping; I love meeting new people and making new friends; but mostly, I love giving people opportunity to live a full and abundant life, and am forever grateful I'm in the position to do so.

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