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Over 80 Teens Participating!

By Alex Lee

Additional funds are sent to Pastor Padilla to rent soccer fields through April. Over 80 teens are now participating in the soccer league and a number are attending Vuelo de Aguila and receiving help with their lives. More teens want to participate but there is no room.

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Letter From Pastor Padilla

By Daniel Wyatt 

Pastor Padilla sent us a letter describing the soccer program. He reports the following:
Daniel and Alex:

Greetings from Pastor Padilla, Coordinator of Project One by One Costa Rica. The purpose of this letter is to greet you, wish you a happy New Year, appreciating the great support for this project, and to let you know a little bit of what is happening with One by One. There is a group of 80 young fellows and we had to close down the subscriptions because every Saturday, more and more kids would come. This program not only benefits the young kids who are forming the teams, but also the 15 people who are super motivated to come every Saturday and volunteer their knowledge of training and mentoring. One of the great accomplishments we have seen in such a short period of time is a couple of young men who we invited to be a part of the teams. They were users of drugs and smoked. Now, they are the most loyal participants of One by One. There are also more professional soccer groups who are recruiting them. As a team, we have played good teams and we have won, and the fame is spreading. There is even a sports newspaper, the biggest in Costa Rica, called El Dia, and they want to write a story about One by One.

We paused the league over Christmas. We start training again in the second week of January. When you come and visit in March, you will be able to see the fruit of the creation of this program. Some of the young men still consume drugs, but through the faith of God and this program, we feel that we will help them, over time, get them out of this life of perdition. Some of the kids are still distrustful and fearful, but through the program and the counseling/mentoring, we are gaining their friendship. We also gain great appreciation from their parents for the help we are bringing to their children.
With this I say goodbye, giving much appreciation for making this project which is giving support and hope to these young lives. I also want to thank all those who have given economically to make this dream come true. I wish you blessings and great success in your studies in 2012.

Pastor Padilla Diaz
San Jose, Costa Rica

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