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100 For 1000 Capital Campaign

By: Daniel Wyatt, Ben Wyatt and Alex Lee


One By One has been successful over the past two years in raising money and  gathering equipment for three boys and one girls soccer teams in San Jose.  Our next goal is to buy land for a soccer field in San Jose, so that the teams can play and practice on this field (rent free), and can also rent it out to other teams to provide rental income.  Other facilities may also be built on this site, which can be rented out to provide for even more rental income.  In this way, One By One can have a permanent source of funding, rather than rely on yearly fundraising efforts.

The land will cost several hundred thousand dollars.  Dr. Steve Scott, a supporter of One By One, has recently presented us with a great opportunity.  If we raise $100,000.00 within 12 months, he will donate another $100,000.00.  This is a lot of money for us, but we spoke with Mayor John Woods of Davidson, who has been a great supporter of One By One for several years now, and he suggested that we get 100 people to donate $1,000.00 each to raise this money.  He called it the  "100 for 1000" program.  He also gave us the first $1,000.00 donation (please see attached article in  DavidsonNews.Net at

So we are off and running with this great project.  Please consider helping us out if you can by spreading the word about this project or even being one of the 100!

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